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Three Hours in the Hall.

In Bad Luck on August 22, 2008 at 6:03 am

So I decided to come home Tuesday night and sleep in my apartment like a big girl. I took a car service with the cats and two fabulous new pairs of boots in tow ( more of that later). I arrived at my door happy to be home. I shlepped my stuff to the door  excited to relax on the couch and just watch some TV on my flat screen. It was 11:30 and I was pretty tired. I put the key in the lock turned the door but it wouldn’t budge. I thought maybe the lock jammed, but I was mistaken it was locked. The super had moved stuff from my fire burned apartment to my formerly roach infested one and somehow locked a lock for which, I had no key. There I was stranded. My husband was 3,000 miles away in LA, my parents an hour’s drive in Brooklyn, my in-law’s an hour plus train ride, and it was getting late. I tried the super but got no answer. Lucky for me my super nice neighbors tried to help me. We tried everything. The fire escape which was locked, the kitchen window which was open but was too high to no avail. The neighbors finally got the super who refused to come up and told me to call a 24 hour locksmith. He only took cash so I walked with one of my neighbors to the nearest ATM and got some money. Then I waited alone in the hallway with two cats, a rolling suitcase and bags of stuff. Finally after the locksmith drilled off my lock, I was home sweet home at 1:40 a.m. More than three hours from when I arrived in the building.

On the bright side I found black buttery leather flat riding boots with silver hardware and today I won a pair of Franco Sarto Suede flat boots on Ebay for 9.99 with the shipping they’ll cost 24.99 good deal. Ebay is a great place to look for deals. Last year I bought a beautiful mink wrap for around 30 dollars. Thrift stores are also usually a fabulous place to find a great cheap buy.  Always keep your eyes open when in new areas you never know where you’ll find a gem.

May bargains always come your way.

Bargain Jewess.


The days you just don’t want to get out of bed….

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Yesterday I got two exciting suprises my cats have fleas and my apartment which has been out of commission for two months they finally decided to start renovating. Of course they didn’t notify me of this. I only waited for them all of last thursday for them to show up. This week my husband went to LA for Business. I of course refused to stay alone and came home to my parents. While brooklyn isn’t all that far from where I live i was jjust so not in the mood to deal with all myself and have to sleep in my aptartment alone. I mean the fire escape is in my bedroom, not exactly the kind of thing that makes one feel safe and secure. Lucky for me I spoke to the super and he’s taking care of things.

On to the cats. In all honesty that’s the bigger nightmare. I ended up bathing them spraying all the linens and carpet in my old bedroom with flea spray and the cats got a nice does of frontline. I pray it all works. It’s been hectic having to dod it all myself, but I guess life sometimes throws curveballs.

On the bright side I found fabulous fall boots for $24.99. I wanted black suede flat boots but they were exorbitant everywhere. Enter Rainbow; I walked in and found multicolor suede boots. Ok fake suede but either way they’ll make my fall….

Hogpe your sfall i on s as just as colorful as my boots,

Bargain Jewess.

On The cheap- Some do it yourself beauty tricks.

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Following up on the post of two days ago there are many ways for the budget glamor queen to look gorgeous and do it at home on the cheap. You’d be surprised how simple things around the house can be utilized in beauty treatments. Here a few easy simple beauty tricks.

  • Olive Oil– Olive oil is rich in emollients and really healthy for you. We all love it on our salad but have you ever thought of using it on your hair? I take a quarter of cup of olive oil nuke it in the microwave for three five second increments and slather it on my dry hair from root to tip. I put my hair in a ponytail and sleep with it overnight. It really adds moisture to my colored hair and done once a week makes a big difference on dry, fried, color treated hair. You’ll see a difference after the first time you use it.  For more info on Olive oil and it’s beauty uses check out:
  • Sea Salt and Sugar- Sometimes your skin gets rough and scratchy but all those exfoliators cost money.Why spend when you can make one yourself? Mix any creamy body lotion or facial moisturizer you have lying around with a handful of sea salt or sugar. (Use sea salt on the body, sugar on the face. The grains in sugar are finer and will be gentler than salt on the face’s delicate skin.) massage in to skin with gentle circular motions. Avoid eyes and lips. Massage for one to two minutes and rinse. The sea salt/sugar will have exfoliated and the moisturizer will moisturize your skin. You can also use olive oil here again if you prefer or don’t have any moisturizer.
  • Vaseline– Vaseline is a great cheap staple. The store brand petroleum jelly works just as well and is usually cheaper. Use Vaseline as lip balm to soothe dry, chapped lips. Mix some loose eyeshadow with Vaseline to create a sexy shiny eyegloss. Smooth Vaseline on rough dry feet, slip on socks and leave on overnight while you sleep.

For more cheap beauty tricks check out the following sites:

Sometimes the best beauty tricks are the ones you figure out yourself. So experiment with what you have and if you end up with a beauty disaster see my previous post. You are not alone.

Happy Beautification.

Bargain Jewess.

Streaks that I call a tan……

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So part of being a bargain Jewess is bargain beauty. I am a huge fan of cheap cosmetic lines such as wet N wild and N.Y.C. and often times I will do my own beauty treatments. I do my own facial masks, I blow dry my own hair, and last night for the first time ever I decided to spray tan myself. I did everything I was supposed to do. I exfoliated, moisturized from head to toe. I bought the spray can so it’s almost as if you’re airbrushing yourself. I sprayed myself down in even strokes like the bottle said, but after two to four hours my color had not developed, so I decided to call it a bust.  In the  morning light of the bathroom to my horror the color had developed but in streaks. Parts of my thighs were still Casper white, while other areas were a caramel hue. Needless to say other than my husband I’m not showing off my thighs so quickly. They’re pretty lardlike and dimpled anyways so I don’t show them off unless I absolutely have to.  My face came out nice and bronzed as did my arms. My legs are another story.

Beauty disasters are often a specialty of mine. When I was around thirteen and in camp, I didn’t own a tweezer and there was no place in the boonies to get my eyebrows waxed. I being the genius I am thought I could shave them into shape. I ended up with two half eyebrows and spent the summer looking like a freak. Lucky my camp was not co-ed. One summer as a counselor upstate my friends and I got the brilliant idea to dye our hair. I wanted more of a reddish brown but I ended up with a purplish aubergine color, it was cool for a day. My friend though who had bleached her hair ended up far worse. She had wanted to go back to her natural brown only to end up with fire engine red hair. I guess the fun part is that through the disasters, you do learn d.i.y. beauty. What to do and not to do. Over time you develop skills and no amount of money can buy the satisfaction you feel when you can do your own makeup perfectly or give yourself a great fake tan. I’m gonna spray tan myself again and hope I do a better job this time. One word of advice though ladies leave the Brazilians to the professionals.

Bargain with abandon,

Bargain Jewess.

Liberal Arts = Zero

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It’s an interesting thing you go college convinced you know what you want to do. You slave away four years to get the grades, work to put yourself through it all, only to find out that what you thought you wanted to do isn’t what you wanted to do at all. Every other career seems so glamorous. You wish you had known that such a major existed because maybe then you would be on the path to career nirvana. This is where I am at right now. I am 23 years old, not all that old, although silly as it sounds some days it feels that way. Until a little less than two months ago I though my star was on the rise with my new fabulous PR job that would launch me into an exciting fast-paced career. Cut to June 13th when I got laid off, yes that’s right its not only for 50 year old men and my apartment burnt down. The highlight of the month and a half I call hell when I worked for said PR firm, was the two weeks I spent touring Scandinavia. Those Nordics sure do have design down to a science. Anyways here I am out of work spending my days either watching the food network, going on interviews or shopping although I know it’s an addiction I have to stop; but while there is nothing really in my life that is definitive right now, I know definitely that I love clothes and fashion. I especially love bargain fashion and you must too otherwise why would you be reading? The real bargain Jewess title goes to my mother-in-law who I have a strangely amazing relationship with.

Most people think that mother-in-laws are the worst curse that comes with a husband, but mine is truly a blessing. Just this past Friday we went to the local thrift store. My mother-in-law found me two fabulous pairs of shoes for $4 each; almost brand new – it looked as if they’d never been worn. One pair a fabulous Alexander McQueen-esque plaid with sky high heels and platform, another a shiny green sling back wedge. We also found gorgeous lace pumps (lace is “it” this fall so make sure you get some fabulous pieces: Forever 21, H&M, and Rainbow are always good bets for such things) and a funky wooden heeled patent burgundy pump.

Leafing through the September Elle I was so proud of my self for being fashion forward. I already have a million lace pieces, a few key plaid items, and I even have a purple jersey cardigan that’s just the right amount of loose clingy without making me look muumuuish. A hard task to accomplish. At the end of the day when I come home to the temporary shit hole I inhabit, at least my clothes (and my wonderful hubby who bought me a coveted leopard Tory Burch bag for my 2 1/2 months away birthday) make me happy.

Sayonara for today.