The days you just don’t want to get out of bed….

In Uncategorized on August 22, 2008 at 5:44 am

Yesterday I got two exciting suprises my cats have fleas and my apartment which has been out of commission for two months they finally decided to start renovating. Of course they didn’t notify me of this. I only waited for them all of last thursday for them to show up. This week my husband went to LA for Business. I of course refused to stay alone and came home to my parents. While brooklyn isn’t all that far from where I live i was jjust so not in the mood to deal with all myself and have to sleep in my aptartment alone. I mean the fire escape is in my bedroom, not exactly the kind of thing that makes one feel safe and secure. Lucky for me I spoke to the super and he’s taking care of things.

On to the cats. In all honesty that’s the bigger nightmare. I ended up bathing them spraying all the linens and carpet in my old bedroom with flea spray and the cats got a nice does of frontline. I pray it all works. It’s been hectic having to dod it all myself, but I guess life sometimes throws curveballs.

On the bright side I found fabulous fall boots for $24.99. I wanted black suede flat boots but they were exorbitant everywhere. Enter Rainbow; I walked in and found multicolor suede boots. Ok fake suede but either way they’ll make my fall….

Hogpe your sfall i on s as just as colorful as my boots,

Bargain Jewess.


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