How to Turn Tragedy into a Learning and Growing Experience

In Religion on December 1, 2008 at 7:15 pm

When I came home on Wednesday night and found out about the Mumbai terrorist attacks I was horrified. As I looked at the information my heart ached for those there experiencing such chaos and utter terror. Hearing that the Chabad rabbi and his family were missing brought the tragedy home as I looked at his kind smiling face, I suddenly realized that what was happening was actually really close to home. When you can see the face of a victim, a living tangible human being, things become that much more real. Although I knew what was going on, not seeing faces or images made it seem awful but very, very faraway. I suddenly felt a real true connection to this human being and I began to pray in my own words that God should spare his and his wife’s life. I probably should have been praying for everyone so forgive me for that, but I prayed for what seemed real.

After hearing that unfortunately both the Rabbi and his wife had been killed, along with many others I felt sick. At first I was angry and rightly so but I realized that anger needs to be channeled into good. Anger gets us nothing but fighting and hatred. I realized that we all need to rise above anger and turn tragedy into our growing experience. It saddened me that it took a tragedy to bring all types of Jews together, but also made me happy to see all the solidarity among various different Jews. It made me want to expand on that. In memory of the Holtzbergs, I am taking upon myself to stop judging, critiquing or looking at my fellow Jews with derision or scorn. We are all one family. In the world today it so important to love each other whatever our beliefs or methods for finding God. Every time I think an unkind thought I will think of the Holtzbergs and their amazing commitment to Judaism and Jewish values. I will bite my tongue and try not to think these things. I urge you all to join me and actively participate in a campaign to love one another.

Am Yisrael Chai

  1. How true, we do need to not only love each other more but make sure we show true love.It’s all to easy to say I love you,but when push comes to shove will you still show love.Love as we know is an action word as we’ve learned through God’s word.Father please help us to yield to your Spirit so we can show love to those closes to us and those far away through our prayers to you.

  2. Very thoughtful post. I had been wondering what I should post IRT the tragedy, or if I was even qualified to post anything. Your words are exactly what needs to be said and heard. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, I will be linking to this post from my blog.

    V’ahavta lerei’acha kamocha. Shalom.

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