I Hate Mondays!

In Bad Luck, overworked, Stress, The office, Uncategorized on December 15, 2008 at 3:38 pm

At around ten o’clock at night on Sundays I usually realize that the next day is Monday. This usually puts me into a crappy mood at the prospect of having to go to work the next day and deal with all the usual fun stuff.  This Monday was particularly annoying. Since I’m getting my brows waxed tonight for the first time in a hundred years I decided to dress up for the eyebrow waxer. I always worry that when I go to a beauty salon/Sephora and have  on no makeup and flats they’ll take me for a pig. Since this is a look I rarely rock it’s not a worry. The thing is I always end up getting all dolled up to have my hair done which in reality is pretty sad. So this morning I put on my four inch green python and suede Nine West pumps (on sale about three years ago for $29.99) and prepared to use the shuttle service to get to campus. Instead I waited for over 10 minutes and finally decided to walk the giant hill that is part of the morning trek I usually take.

Needless to say this is a worst Monday than usual. There is a highlight to my week though. I’ll receive my two new pairs of suede platform pumps that I got on ridiculous sale for $29.99 a piece and my new minifall which, while way more than $29.99 is still a bargain .  At this point all I want to do is stage a protest and go home to my bed but it’s Monday and the week has only just begin……


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