The Eternal Fountain of Youth

In Advice, beauty, Women on December 17, 2008 at 8:18 pm

In our culture there is the ever increasing search for the mysterious fountain of youth. On the gossamer whispers of there being some magic essence that might keep us young, the beauty industry sells thousands of products and makes billions of dollars. The thing is, is it our physicality that makes us young or our minds? There is no doubt that our bodies age, based on our DNA and how we have treated it and that this is one aspect of whether you look young or old. Is it possible though that our minds play any role in our youthful countenance? Can a youthful outlook keep us looking and feeling young?

I was looking at an event on Facebook. As I looked at the girls going I thought about the fact that they are all older than me. Then I thought about how even though I am a college graduate, with a real job and married almost two years I still think of myself as a girl. My mindset in how I view myself and those close in age to me,  to the context of the world has not changed. That’s not to say that when I turned 24 on October 15th I didn’t feel old or worry about what I was doing with my life, since most people my age are in grad school, or graduating from grad school. If anything though maybe that’s what has added to my feelings of youth. The fact that I am still unsure of myself, that I have yet to become disillusioned with the world or think that any of my dreams are not possible. I still entertain the idea that I will be wealthy, famous, and successful one day.

The people I know who look the youngest, are those who act young, who enjoy life. They may have laugh lines or gray roots but in their eyes is the spark of life, of fun. In their smile, the joy of dreaming.  So if you’re looking for the fountain of youth, stop searching because you already posess it, in your mind.


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