In this Economy……DIY

In Politics, Uncategorized on December 18, 2008 at 10:00 am

With the economy crashing and burning faster than you can say recession people are opting more and more to conduct beauty treatments at home. Many companies are now putting out do it yourself products with salon results. In my ever increasing motivation to be a resource of bargain knowledge I am going to try out these products and review them for you here to help you weed out the good from the bad and save precious dollars that can be used for necessities.

First on my list is the manicure pen. When I went to Scandinavia in may my nails were atrocious. I had heard about the new OPI nail pens and picked one up in a fabulous shade of hot pink. All you do is press a button-like a ball point pen or mechanical pencil and onto the brush flows nail polish. You then polish your nails regularly. The pen allows for more control and a steadier hand which leaves you with less smudges, and a more professional look. I suggest using a base and topcoat to get a truly professional look, but for the $5-$7  they cost it’s totally worth it. Considering I went and got a manicure with a friend last night and with the tip it cost me $14, save your money and invest in doing your own nails.

Two to try :

Sally Hansen color Quick Fast dry Nail Color Pen

OPI Nic’s Stics Paint and Go Nail Lacquer.

Check back regularly for More DIY beauty tests.

Bargain Jewess


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