How To Take an Exotic Vacation Without Leaving Home

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This past Sunday my husband and I participated in a wonderful dinner that took us to Cuba. Our good friends Yael and Josh Haller have started a Washington Heights cultural food club. We meet biweekly and choose a cuisine for which every one makes a dish. This week we did Cuban and the food was great. This is an inexpensive way to host dinner and enjoy your friends. Although we only did food, you can decorate your apartment/home in traditional decor from a party store and download some music that goes with your culture. You can also serve traditional alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. 

There were some fabulous dishes like Pappas  Rellenas- deep fried mashed potato balls stuffed with meat, Crushed Cuban potatoes, and Cuban hamburgers. Dani and I contributed Arroz Con Pollo- Chicken with rice and for dessert Bunuelos- deep fried dough rolled in cinnamon sugar. The whole meal was amazing and there was lots more delicious food that I don’t know the traditional cu ban names for. The Arroz con Pollo was fabulous and I will include a link to it, at the end of the post.

Some ideas for cuisine:







Chinese- Not what you get in an American Chinese restaurant.








And the list can go on and on. With the economy what it is and this writer having been laid off yesterday I will keep updating you on fun, fabulous ways to have fun, keep your spirits up and still enjoy your life. 


Arielle AKA Bargain Jewess

P.S. Check ou this site for the recipe

  1. The Arroz con Pollo was amazing. I look forward to having it again.

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