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The Other Side of the Bargain

In Politics, Shopping on November 25, 2008 at 9:38 pm

Some may call me naive, but when I go bargain shopping I never think about who’s making the product or where it’s coming from, I’m just excited to be getting such a fabulous deal. The truth is that while I have my cheap stores that I frequent, I also try to find bargains at better stores. What I’ve come to realize though is that other than the really high end expensive stuff, most of the stores I frequent are involved in producing clothes that violate international human rights and working conditions. After reading an article on Twitter on how to increase your visibility I decided to start posting some interesting articles. I typed in “bargain shopping” and found an expose on MSNBC of working conditions in Bangladesh. What I read had me in tears over the conditions that these people are forced to live in.

What amazed me was that these people don’t realize how little they’re being paid in comparison to “how much” the product is being sold for here; and how many Americans just don’t care in their pursuit of me. As one Rabbi I know puts it the I-Pod generation, emphasis on I. I love a bargain and I don’t intend to stop looking for them, but I do think that as a human being it is extremely important to know how our actions in this global marketplace affect others. Two summers ago I took a class on International business. It was my first foray into learning about the global economy. With ever increasing  technology our economy becomes more and more international and we encounter many more ethical dilemmas. We as consumers therefore must be educated. The piece asks consumers if they would pay 25-50 cents more for a pair of pants marked $12.84. I know I would since I’d still be getting a bargain, and I think most people I know would. Especially if they knew that they could allow a worker in a foreign country to eat more than just rice and lentils. Maybe I’m wrong but all these people voting for Barack Obama-a symbol of change-should be aware that if we want change we need to extend that beyond our own needs and realize that by bettering the world we better our lives as well.

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To paraphrase a great bargain outlet-Syms “An educated consumer is our best customer”.


Liberal Arts = Zero

In Uncategorized on August 12, 2008 at 3:46 am

It’s an interesting thing you go college convinced you know what you want to do. You slave away four years to get the grades, work to put yourself through it all, only to find out that what you thought you wanted to do isn’t what you wanted to do at all. Every other career seems so glamorous. You wish you had known that such a major existed because maybe then you would be on the path to career nirvana. This is where I am at right now. I am 23 years old, not all that old, although silly as it sounds some days it feels that way. Until a little less than two months ago I though my star was on the rise with my new fabulous PR job that would launch me into an exciting fast-paced career. Cut to June 13th when I got laid off, yes that’s right its not only for 50 year old men and my apartment burnt down. The highlight of the month and a half I call hell when I worked for said PR firm, was the two weeks I spent touring Scandinavia. Those Nordics sure do have design down to a science. Anyways here I am out of work spending my days either watching the food network, going on interviews or shopping although I know it’s an addiction I have to stop; but while there is nothing really in my life that is definitive right now, I know definitely that I love clothes and fashion. I especially love bargain fashion and you must too otherwise why would you be reading? The real bargain Jewess title goes to my mother-in-law who I have a strangely amazing relationship with.

Most people think that mother-in-laws are the worst curse that comes with a husband, but mine is truly a blessing. Just this past Friday we went to the local thrift store. My mother-in-law found me two fabulous pairs of shoes for $4 each; almost brand new – it looked as if they’d never been worn. One pair a fabulous Alexander McQueen-esque plaid with sky high heels and platform, another a shiny green sling back wedge. We also found gorgeous lace pumps (lace is “it” this fall so make sure you get some fabulous pieces: Forever 21, H&M, and Rainbow are always good bets for such things) and a funky wooden heeled patent burgundy pump.

Leafing through the September Elle I was so proud of my self for being fashion forward. I already have a million lace pieces, a few key plaid items, and I even have a purple jersey cardigan that’s just the right amount of loose clingy without making me look muumuuish. A hard task to accomplish. At the end of the day when I come home to the temporary shit hole I inhabit, at least my clothes (and my wonderful hubby who bought me a coveted leopard Tory Burch bag for my 2 1/2 months away birthday) make me happy.

Sayonara for today.