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New York is one of the those fabulous cities that has a million activities all free.With the warm weather approaching the city provides more and more opportunituies for those with a beer budget to enjoy all of it’s champagne pleasures.Most of us are either feverishly searching for a job, or working doubletime to keep the one we have.

In the downtime you have, which is all the time for the unemployed, why not enjoy all the fabulous free NYC has to offer.

Want to see a new dvd release or read the latest bestseller but can’t afford it? Head to your local public library. you can get books and dvds on just about any subject. All you do is sign up for a free library card. There are also free lectures on every topic under the sun as well as free computer classes given in many of the branch libraries. Also stop by the Human ad Social Sciences library on 42nd street. It’s free to go in and is full of magnificent architecture and frequently has interesting collections of letters, photos, and the like all free. Also pick up a catalog that will show you all the events taking place over the next few months while you are there. For more info check out

Looking for a free blowout or color? Stop by Loreal studio on 15 Mercer street. Have a consultation and get free color and blowouts plus product just for being a guinea pig.

Looking for a chic new haircut? Check out Craigslist under free stuff, salons are frequently looking to have their stylists try out new styles and need models. So if you’re really jonesing for the new Gwyneth mid-length cut check it out.

Craigslist also has a listings for classes and activities which are often free. Check frequently sometimes there are free ballroom dancing classes or even yoga.For more Info

The Cinema source is a website that allows you to to sign up for free movie screenings. You have to wait on line and there is a chance you won’t get in, but they are free. Check it out at

New York is full of beautiful parks. Nothing is nicer than sitting in one of New York’s beautiful parks people watching and enjoying the scenery. One of my favorites is Bryant park. They offer free wireless internet, free chess lessons, and a reading room all free. Fore Info

Another great New York Park is Fort Tryon Park, located in Washington Heights the northern end of Manhattan. Fort Tryon has gorgeous landscaping, and is steeped in history dating back to the American revolution as a sight where Washington fought the brits. The sweeping views of the Hudson river and New York city are spectacular.While you’re there stop at the cloisters, a division of the Metropolitan Museum of Art full of beautiful artwork. Donations suggested.

For a really magical experience when the weather isn’t too cold take a walk at dusk across the George Washington Bridge. The city views will take your breath away as will the magnificent colors of the sky as they fade to night.

As the spring approaches more freebies will be available. Keep reading Bargain Jewess for the latest information.




Opt for A Manicure

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So as you all know I always try to find ways to do things on the cheap. I’ve been doing my own nails now for awhile but I always end up smudging them, plus they are always breaking. I figured I’d buy nailtiques a really great nail strengthener that works. Thing is the Rite Aid I stopped at on my way home didn’t have it. I decided to try fake glue on nails. I was thinking they’ll always be perfect and they’ll last awhile. What I didn’t realize was that the glue bonds and bonds fast. In the best of times I’m not the neatest of people and this time was no exception. I glued on pinky, ring and middle finger successfully. I had some glue around the edges but nothing that couldn’t be fixed. When it came time for pointer it just wouldn’t stay as I tried to hold it down with my thumb and right pointer my fingers bonded from the glue on them and before I knew it left pointer and right thumb were glued together.

Lucky for me I knew a quick remedy. I called my husband who was washing dishes in the kitchen, because as you can imagine I couldn’t do so much with my hands. He poured nail polish remover in a dish for me and I soaked my fingers till they came apart. I still have gray glue remnants on my fingers but at least they’re not stuck together. Although I usually always recommend a DIY in this case spend the money and get a manicure it isn’t worth the headache. Although my nails do like nice….

On another note I tried a new product last night and it’s really fantastic. Loreal came out with a new line of shampoos and conditioners for color treated hair. It’s called Everpure and is vegan, not tested on animals, and free of sulfates and salts which dry the hair. I bought it for my wig, but used it on my hair and it’s really great. It gets the bargainjewess stamp of approval.